In My Shadow Fun Facts

Some Secrets and Easter Eggs

In My Shadow Fun Facts

There are some hidden secrets and special interactions after achieving some circumstances that can be found within some indie games. In My Shadow is one of those that took the extra effort to put these in. I've been following Playbae (the developer for In My Shadow) for some time and wanted to summarize what I learned in a single post. Here's what I can share!

#1 The Shadowy Goal doesn't Always Vanish

Meeting the Happy Shadow Dog

If you played some of the first levels of the game, you might have noticed the dog will vanish after reaching it; consequently leaving a sad little girl. But you might also notice there are times the dog will stay to the end of the level's scene! This isn't a random occurrence.

In fact, to keep the shadowy character from leaving a sad girl behind, you must beat the level without dying!

This was demonstrated in a reddit post by PlayBae back in January 25, 2021 before the game's release.

#2 It's not a PC Game, for real!?

Originally For Mobile

Although not a fact within the game, did you know the game is actually intended for touchscreen devices: specifically for the Switch and/or Android phones. The game was more or less ported to the PC, and still had great responses to that audience too!

The mobile version is still on it's way and you can check out the updates for it on the official In My Shadow discord.

#3 An Overdo Text Message

Bella's Text Message

Once you finish the game's extra level, you'll notice the woman uses her phone one more time to text her father. But what did she write? Well, did you know you're able check it out later on her phone! And yes, I'm giving you the okay to take a peek at this girls messages just once. However, to know what the message said, you'll have to play it yourself ;)

#4 What's on the Computer Screen

Code Inception

At the very beginning of the game, and even on the title screen, you see the main character on the computer screen working on some code in a development application. This code is actually the logic for the shadow collision for the game itself! She's in the world writing the primary tool to completing the challenges in her memories. That's crazy to think about.

This was a fairly recent reveal on the developer's twitter post.

That's all in the Shadow for Now

There can certainly be more than meets the Feemagie eye. Do you know some facts? If so, let me know in a comment below.

For the latest info about In My Shadow the game, follow Playbae. That's how I get all mine.

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