Website Changelog

This is where I track updates and modifications to my website about Indie Gaming (and some other streaming or gaming tidbits)!

All my articles are hosted on this GitHub repository, so anyone can make a pull request if they'd like to help me fix mistakes or improve on the information.

Join my Discord server if you'd like to help me by providing feedback on changes/updates you'd like to see. Feedback helps me a lot!

ToDo Task List

[ ] Create Leaderboard page for Subscribers and Supporters
[ ] Twitch OAuth2 Connections
[ ] Create Indie Game suggestion form for Indie Games I should play
[ ] Add ability to sort Games & Articles by Tags
[ ] Add YouTube and Twitch clips to game pages
[ ] More suggestions welcome

May 31, 2021

May 11, 2021

  • Added Foxen Island, Super Fox Girl, and In My Shadow to the Indie Game list!
  • Added Review Post for In My Shadow!
  • Added a Screenshot Gallery for each Indie Game page!
  • Added breadcrumb links to the tops of all blog posts
  • Added direct link from Game Articles (as a game box on the side panel) to Game Pages
  • Added Steam purchase links on game pages
  • Added new screenshot images for some indie games, along with thumbnails
  • Added ability to preview screenshot images in full screen
  • Updated emphasis "Indie Games" in the navigation bar
  • Updated background color when hovering over games on the Games page to be a little lighter
  • Updated location of content images for game to be sorted with their respective markdown content on GitHub
  • Updated Height of Blog Post Entries to be larger
  • Fixed bug with single-page routing not passing reference to custom components

April 19, 2021

  • Finished initial development for the Games page
  • Created new type of Markdown entry for game summaries
  • Designed awesome game case look for game entries on the Games page
  • Updated "Games" to "Indie Games" in the navigation bar
  • Added my first indie game review covering The Last Campfire
  • Added a change log page to track all my updates to the Feemagie website!
  • Blog page now shows type of blog entry in the list: Game or Personal entry
    • Game entries show a Controller icon in the background
    • Personal entries show a Newspaper icon in the background
  • Added dividers between side widgets to better distinguish between them
  • Added side widgets to display additional information on Blog post that are about Games
  • Added widget for showing post tags in the content or on the side layout
  • Removed "Triple-A Games" section of the Games page
  • Fixed broken link to "About Me" when clicking author in Blog posts
  • Fixed broken links to the Feemagie Discord Server (didn't realize they had to be set not to expire; *facepalm*)